Choosing the ideal type of spa

The moment you will love: the choice of your jacuzzi! Are you going to choose a built-in, semi-built, portable, swim or inflatable spa? And what shape: round or rectangular? For materials, many possibilities are available to you: wood, stone, concrete, synthetic or mosaic ... This bubble bath will be the main room of your relaxation area, so choose your model carefully!

Have your spa built by home extension professionals

If you want to expand your home to build a custom spa, the home extension is the perfect solution. You can personalize this room from A to Z (surface area, materials for the facade, interior design and decoration, etc.) to create a space 100% in your image.

Regarding the procedures, you must obtain an urban planning permit and call on an architect. It is also essential to take out insurance for the construction of your house annex. As for the price of the extension, prices will run between $ 2,500 and $ 3,000 per m2 all inclusive. If you do not want to take your head with long and tedious procedures, you can opt for a full house extension construction offer with spa

Arrange your indoor jacuzzi area

Once your house annex has been built and the jacuzzi installed, you can decorate the room to make it a real haven of peace. Nordic Zen decor with natural materials such as wood are particularly popular for spas. You can also opt for a modern decoration with sober colors.

Relax tips

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