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Treatment for the virtues of water is a multi-millennium idea that is recently offered the day's taste thanks to the idea of hot tubs. These are the true advantages of the spa, because it arouses so much enthusiasm?

A way right

The spa promotes endorphin production, the hormone of well-being that relieves pain, releases muscle / nervous tensions and promotes relaxation. Its impact is more than just temporary; it takes days and increases overall health in the long term thanks to daily practice. In addition, the spa would have positive effects on all levels, whether psychological, emotional, physical or metabolic. Research has provided connections between spa practice and the improvement of cardiovascular diseases, overweight, respiratory conditions, joint disorders, cutaneous diseases.

General benefits

  • Improved blood flow: heat expands blood vessels, enabling blood to better oxygenate muscles and transporting nutrients to the cells. That relieves headaches, chronic pain while controlling blood pressure;
  • Detoxification: Good traffic also helps our cells to get rid of toxins which adversely affect their regeneration.
  • Facilitating pain due to the air that relieves and reduces swelling. Spa is also suitable for cases of osteoarthritis, rheumatism or to help athletes heal better from vigorous physical efforts.
  • Repairing sleep due to the heat that soothes nerve tensions;
  • Less stress: daily spa treatments will allow you to better handle tension and get rid of it.
  • Metabolism acceleration: the body consumes more calories and retains less fat;
  • Better digestion: like sleep, digestion is a very necessary factor for the proper functioning of the body and weight stability.
  • Less tiredness (either physical or mental): the spa is lighter in appearance;
  • Skin cleansing: the spa extracts dead skin cells. Skin in soft and toned spring;
  • Slow aging: Relaxation slows cell aging by inhibiting the destructive effects of stress.

To maximize the advantages of the spa, it is also combined with aromatherapy by adding essential oils, seaweeds and other natural ingredients to the water. In fitness centers, the spa is combined with numerous massage techniques to achieve synergistic, fast and terribly effective action!


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